Since 1901,

Galien Beauté has created sensations full of life, colours, desires and elegance!

The most beautiful stories are the ones which last! Over an one-hundred-year old story rich in sensations: the one that Claude Galien, Perfumer, has lived with happiness since 1901, and that we want to share with you through this new website, a real showcase of a century-old know-how.

The adventure Claude Galien began in 1901. At first specialized in Eau de Cologne and supply of raw materials for pharmaceutical preparations, the Thomas Guinamand Company, holder of the brand Claude Galien, has quickly concentrated, thanks to a policy of investments and modernization of the production tool, on the conception, the manufacturing and the distribution of Perfume, specially Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne.

Life takes sense,

only full of passions!

Galien Beauté signs the elegance “Made in France” and has always created for women and  men Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne, made to travel through a world of senses.
Galien Beauté has been a creator of rare or fruity, fresh or intense, feminine or masculine sensations. All our creations are original and elaborated according to a know-how, kept jealously and passed on through. Each of them is the expression of an imaginary world, but so close to each and every one of us, as the scents are current and authentic.
The brand has built up a good reputation of creativity, innovation, and good quality in its presentation boxes. These qualities have given Galien Beauté’s perfumes an important place in cosmetic market among other leading brand names.

Currently, Galien Beauté

perfumes millions of women and wen all over the world !

Thanks to the brilliant inspiration of Mr THOMAS and Mr GUINAMAND, we perpetuate today the tradition of perfume products, high-quality and very contemporary products: Please find, on this regularly updated website, all our ranges of traditional Eau de Cologne, our Eau de Toilette for woman and man, our care and beauty products,  a complete collection of gift boxes, scented soaps, perfumed pocket towels ... and much more!